7 Tomato Recipes You Need to Try This Season

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Tomato Recipes

Tomatoes are in season right now and that means all of us can enjoy them right off the vine when they are their juiciest and sweetest. You can take advantage of these ripe red fruits in creative ways with delicious tomato recipes that are perfect for summer.

Locally grown tomatoes are abundant right now in farmer’s markets and many grocery stores offer them, too. Due to this abundance, you have a lot of choices so you can find the right kind for your tomato recipes. As far as freshness goes, growing your own tomatoes is the best way to get the freshest choices. Even if you don’t have a place to garden, it’s easy to raise a plant or two in pots.

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The tastiest tomatoes, according to many chefs, are the varieties known as “heirlooms.” Most are big (think softball-size or larger) and come in a variety of colors from pink to purple, orange to yellow and every shade of red. Heirlooms are generally more fragile than newer varieties, so they don’t ship well, which means you typically can only get them during the summer from local sources. For tips on how to know when produce is in season, click here! >

Newer beefsteak varieties don’t have the history of the heirlooms and they tend to be more uniform in color and shape, but they are almost as flavorful. Beefsteaks are meaty and juicy, so they work well in tomato salads and even for grilling. Slightly smaller types, often referred to as slicing tomatoes, are ideal for topping sandwiches and burgers and they work well in mixed salads.

Plum, paste and roma are three different names for the smaller, meatier varieties that you can use to make sauces, salsa and cooked dishes.

Cherry tomatoes (sometimes called “grape tomatoes”) are so sweet you can eat them by themselves, one after another and there’s no reason not to. They are considered a non-starchy vegetable on the Nutrisystem program so you can them enjoy guilt-free whenever you’re hungry.

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Enjoy the bounty of deliciously ripe tomatoes this season with these seven tomato recipes:


Tomato Recipes: Heirloom Tomato Salad

This salad features the most colorful of tomato varieties and a serving of spinach. With two filling SmartCarbs, chickpeas and edamame, plus a PowerFuel in the creamy, tangy feta cheese, you have a taste of summer for lunch or dinner with this salad. Click here to get the recipe! >

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Tomato Recipes: Gazpacho

On a hot day, this simple-to-make chilled soup is a refreshing and filling lunch or dinner starter. Meaty paste tomatoes make up gazpacho’s base and you get lots of other non-starchy vegetables like peppers and onions, too. For extra rich flavor, lightly grill or smoke the tomatoes before blending them with the other ingredients. Click here to get the recipe! >


Tomato Recipes: Caprese Kebabs

Caprese salad brings together several of summer’s freshest foods, like basil and mozzarella cheese (a PowerFuel), along with the tomatoes. These easily assembled skewers make the salad fun to eat and portable so you can pack them for lunch or bring them to a cookout. Click here to get the recipe! >


Tomato Recipes: Pico de Gallo

If you love to dip, you can whip up this Southwestern-style sauce in minutes—no cooking necessary. You just dice and mix plum tomatoes, peppers, onions and herbs, and chill for an hour. Then you can scoop it with Smart Carbs like whole grain chips or spread it on top of grilled chicken or fish. Click here to get the recipe! >

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Tomato Recipes: One-Pan Meal Greek Fish

As mild-flavored seafood such as tilapia or flounder roasts in the oven, the cherry tomatoes in the pan keep it moist and infuse it with a lightly sweet, yet acidic flavor. You get a PowerFuel with lean protein along with two servings of vegetables in this delicious meal. Click here to get the recipe! >


Tomato Recipes: Breakfast Bowl

Start your day the English way with tomatoes alongside your eggs. For this Super Power Breakfast Bowl, they’re pan-fried briefly to bring out their flavors. Add turkey bacon, an over-easy egg, potatoes and a serving of greens and you will be fueled up to begin the busiest of days. Click here to get the recipe! >

7. Zesty Tomato Soup >

Tomato Recipes: Zesty Tomato Soup

This is the all-time classic for tomato recipes and is a super delicious ways to sneak more veggies into your day. Featuring just a few simple ingredients you probably already have in your cabinet and just a few steps to prep, this tomato soup really couldn’t get any easier (or delicious!). Click here to get the recipe! >

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