Thinking of Trying Nutrisystem? 13 Reasons to Take the Leap from Success Stories

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trying nutrisystem weight loss success story

Losing excess weight can seem so challenging, especially with all of the different programs and advice out there to sort through. Well, we’ve got some hopeful news for you! Weight loss plans from Nutrisystem make it simple, convenient and even enjoyable for you to drop extra pounds. But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what a few of the many people who have succeeded with Nutrisystem are saying about how it worked for them.

trying nutrisystem chocolate muffin
“I couldn’t ask for anything more convenient,” says Tess A.

1. You don’t have to go hungry.

Weight loss plans are useful only if you aren’t so famished that you can’t stick to them. With Nutrisystem, “I literally am never hungry,” Tess A. says. “I can eat amazing foods all day and I still lose weight.” Alyssa A. adds, “I don’t feel deprived.”

2. The food is real.

Nutrisystem plans let you enjoy familiar foods, including all of your favorites. “I’m eating real food, with real flavor, which makes a difference on the palate and the stamina and perseverance to keep going,” Mireya O. says. The meals and snacks actually “taste too good to be true,” Allison E. reports.

3. Perfectly portioned meals.

trying nutrisystem shake while on bike ride
“I’m eating real food, with real flavor, which makes a difference on the palate and the stamina and perseverance to keep going,” Mireya O. says.

With some other plans, you have to figure out what food you can eat, calculate quantities of ingredients and add up points. Not with Nutrisystem. “I never have to think about what I am going to eat,” Tess A. explains. The food is already “calorie portioned, labeled by each meal category and delicious! I couldn’t ask for anything more convenient.”

4. Built for busy people.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be your part-time job. Your Nutrisystem plan doesn’t require you to spend hours planning meals, shopping for ingredients and cooking before you eat. For Tara G., a mother of young children, that makes a real difference. “The food can be prepared quickly,” she says, and that’s “very important since you eat frequently.”

trying nutrisystem home delivery
“It felt like Christmas when those boxes showed up,” says Shawn T.

5. Help is at the ready.

When you sign up for a Nutrisystem plan, all the information you need is explained thoroughly. However, that’s just the beginning of the support you get. Nutrisystem’s expert weight loss coaches are always ready to answer any question you have by phone, email or online chat. “There are teams to help in case you don’t understand something,” Anthony G. says. “Other options don’t have that. They leave people guessing on where to go now or what to do.”

6. Convenient home delivery.

Once you make the decision to begin your weight loss journey, you want to get going and start making progress. Nutrisystem responds swiftly. “I took a quick survey, ordered from a menu and a couple days later the food was at my front door,” Shawn T. says. “It felt like Christmas when those boxes showed up.”

trying nutrisystem pizza
“Home delivery is extremely important,” says Kristofer G.

7. Steer clear of temptation.

Since Nutrisystem brings the food right to your door, you can avoid making undesirable choices. “Home delivery is extremely important,” Kristofer G. tells us. “If you’re out getting food, there’s always the temptation to get something unhealthy. There’s a reason grocery stores have all the candy and chips by the register.”

8. Save time and hassle.

Nutrisystem’s home delivery of food also cuts down on time spent at the grocery store. “Home delivery makes it extremely easy since you don’t have to look for items at the store or wait in the long lines at the market now,” Jason K. says. “It definitely is more convenient and saves time.”

weight loss success
“I can eat amazing foods all day and I still lose weight,” says Tess A.

9. You’re in control.

Nutrisystem shows you how to lose weight and helps you along the way. However, you are in the driver’s seat. You pick the foods you want and when you want to eat them. “This plan makes it easy to begin a weight loss journey. You feel in control and capable of achieving your ultimate weight loss goals,” Gogo L. says.

10. Eating to lose.

For many people, the most surprising part of Nutrisystem plans is that eating is the solution to dropping extra pounds. “I lose weight by eating,” Shawn T. exclaims. “Everyone keeps asking what I did and all I can tell them is I’ve been eating Nutrisystem meals. Most ask if I’ve been working out and I tell them I’m just being active.”

11. Results are visible.

Feeling good is important but let’s be honest, we also want to look good. Once you start your Nutrisystem plan, you and everyone else will notice the results. “I can now go on vacation and feel confident about my body,” Will S. says.

drinking protein shake
Krista J. says, “you don’t only get results, you learn how to eat so that you maintain your weight loss.”

12. Wardrobe updates.

So many happy Nutrisystem customers mention their favorite reward for the success they are having. “Be prepared to lose weight and buy new clothes as none of my clothes fit me anymore,” Shawn T. reports. “I really wasn’t expecting to lose this much weight.”

13. A plan for the future.

A weight loss program that ends when you reach your goal is much less valuable than one that helps you stay there. Nutrisystem has the best program for you, because, as Krista J. says, “you don’t only get results, you learn how to eat so that you maintain your weight loss.”

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*Casting call participant. Complimentary program provided. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.

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