How These Weight Loss Success Stories Are Staying on Track at Home

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We’re all staying home for our health and the health of our neighbors. While this could be stopping the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, all that time at home could be harming our health in other ways. Whether it’s overeating from boredom or stress, exercising less or sitting too much, public health officials have begun to warn against social distancing-related weight gain, says

To help keep you on track, we’ve called in the experts: Our Nutrisystem weight loss success stories! These are regular people, just like the rest of us—except they’ve lost the weight and have kept it off. And just like the rest of us, they’re sheltering in place, social distancing and trying to stay healthy while staying home.

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Here’s how these weight loss superstars are avoiding weight gain at home:

meal plan scheduleOscar and Lori have a schedule.

Oscar Balderrama’s experience with Nutrisystem has taught him to keep a consistent eating schedule so he never gets too hungry. He has lost 40 pounds with Nutrisystem.* “When I wake up for breakfast, I have my coffee and my breakfast bar. Then at 10 o’clock, I have my shake. At 12:30, 1 o’clock, I know we’re having lunch,” he says. So instead of getting hungry and grabbing something off plan, Oscar’s consistent schedule means his next healthy, portion-controlled meal or snack usually arrives before he gets too hungry.’

“Nutrisystem has kind of been setting a schedule for me,” says Lori Balderrama, who lost 40 pounds with Nutrisystem.* She explains that it has helped her with meal planning and has given her more time to take care of herself.

Keeping a consistent eating schedule is also good for your overall health. According to Cambridge University Press, one study found that people who ate “arbitrarily” at irregular times had higher blood sugar and cholesterol levels than those who ate on a schedule each day. For Oscar, Lori and our other success stories, Nutrisystem makes it easy!

Mike is remembering how to control his portions.staying home

Even healthy foods can hinder your weight loss efforts if you eat too many. For instance, raw almonds may help you lose body fat even if you don’t lose weight, says the Journal of the American Heart Association. However, it’s easy to go overboard—just two tablespoons of them are equal to one PowerFuel on Nutrisystem. Be careful not to overdo it, even on healthy snacks!

Learning about PowerFuels, SmartCarbs and other portion control strategies has helped Mike Enger during this stay-at-home time. “The good thing about Nutrisystem is that it has already taught me about portion control,” he says. Mike lost 55 pounds with Nutrisystem and has kept it off by keeping an eye on his portions.** Check out this article to refresh your own portion control knowledge so you can stay on track and be a portion pro!

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staying homeMichelle and Morgan have convenient, healthy options.

“Nutrisystem is helping me during this difficult time because it’s giving me fast, convenient food,” says Michelle Rhoads, who lost 41 pounds on Nutrisystem.** Michelle is balancing working from home, newly home-schooling her children and all the other responsibilities of a busy mom. She says that knowing her meals are healthy without a ton of extra work has helped her stay on track. staying home

When healthy options are available and convenient, you’re more likely to eat them. If you have some free time, chop up fresh vegetables and fruit so they’re easy to grab from the fridge. Make one of these simple granola bar recipes. Or do what Nutrisystem Success Story Morgan Root does: Have a Nutrisystem shake! Morgan lost an amazing 128 pounds on Nutrisystem.** Our shakes are loaded with protein to help fill you up. Best of all, they’re fast and easy to make after a workout.

staying homeLisa and Joey are moving!

Many of us aren’t moving much while sheltering in place. According to, data from 68,000 fitness trackers found that activity levels are down 39 percent year-over-year since we started staying home during the Coronavirus quarantine. A lack of exercise doesn’t just increase your risk of gaining the Quarantine 15, but it also increases your risk for chronic disease and takes away a potent stress reliever.

staying home

Lisa Annunziata didn’t want to venture far when she started social distancing, but she didn’t let that stop her: She brought her daily walks inside, using both a basement treadmill and taking the stairs up and down. Taking a walk seems simple but it’s a great exercise for weight loss. It helped Lisa lose 118 pounds on Nutrisystem!** Plus, when the weather has cooperated, she’s thrown herself into extra gardening—meaning she’ll have more fresh veggies to stay on track!

Joey Miller and his family are extremely active and are always outside playing games, walking or biking around the neighborhood. “Nutrisystem food gives me the energy to keep up,” he explains. Joey lost 79 pounds on Nutrisystem.**

Tara is calming stress cravings the right way.stress cravings

Stress eating is real and so are comfort foods: According to Psychological Science, studies have shown that eating classic favorites can help ease feelings of loneliness and make those who have been in stressful situations feel a bit better.

For Tara Johnson, who lost 26 pounds,** the comforting options from Nutrisystem have been key to staying on track while staying home. “Nutrisystem is so helpful because you’re eating throughout the day and because you’re eating really good food,” says Tara. Nutrisystem has always made comfort foods that you can eat guilt-free, such as turkey dinners, pasta, pizzas, cookies and cakes. So, when she’s feeling stressed, Tara knows she can grab one of these options and stay on track.

*Casting call participant. Complimentary program provided. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week on program.

**Real Success Stories. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.

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