8 More Weight Loss Tips from a Nutrisystem Success Story

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Nutrisystem Success Story Michelle

To look at Michelle Rhoads, you’d never guess that this beautiful, energetic mom was once overweight. But it’s true: Michele struggled with her weight her entire life.

“I felt like a really confident person stuck in a non-confident body—like there were so many things that I felt I should be out there doing, but because of my extra weight, I was just watching life go by,” she explains.

weight loss tips
Michelle and her husband Mike are big Notre Dame fans.

“And after the birth of my first child, the battle got even harder. I cringed at the thought of starting yet another diet. I was resigned to believing that this was it, and it wasn’t going to get any better. That’s when Nutrisystem came into my life. Nutrisystem was referred to me by a friend, and it seemed like the perfect fit. It was easy, convenient and offered prepared meals—the exact things I needed as a busy mother of two. And I became even more excited when I realized how yummy the food was—it didn’t feel like I was on a diet at all. I knew instantly that this was the easiest diet I’d ever done—and the declining number on the scale was proof that the program worked.”

Thanks to her hard work and the help of Nutrisystem, Michelle was able to drop more than 40 pounds.*

“Here I am, three years later and I’m still managing my weight loss. I feel better than I ever have, and I’m more active than I ever thought I could be. Now, I am out running and playing with my kids. When I look in the mirror I’m still in shock. I’ve finally conquered something that has been with me for so long.”

Want to find Nutrisystem success like Michelle? Be the star of your own Nutrisystem success story! Here are her top weight loss tips (they worked for her… they could work for you, too!):

Nutrisystem Success Story Michelle
Michele and her kids, Lindsey and Ryan, love being active together.

1. Compromise.
When time is short and life is stressful and you feel like you can’t get a workout in that day, don’t stress about it! Instead, spend the energy and time you do have focusing on your diet. One skipped workout won’t set you back as far as one day of overeating will!

2. Have a bank of grab-and-go snacks.
Take the time at the beginning of the week to chop up all the fruit and veggies that you can so they are ready when you are! Life is busy and if I don’t have healthy options to grab quickly I will grab something else that is not good for me.

3. Prep for the week.
Every week I buy two cooked rotisserie chickens from our local deli and prepare the meat so that my family has a big bowl of fresh, lean, delicious protein to grab. We use it on sandwiches and salads. It’s a great, quick way to add a PowerFuel to any Nutrisystem meal.

4. Try to do some type of physical activity everyday, and try to make it something you love!
If you find something you enjoy, you’re more likely to do it. So whether it’s going to the gym, riding a bike, going for a walk or run, just try to enjoy it. That’s your time!

5. Try to push yourself a little harder with each workout.
Run a little faster, walk a little farther, lift a little heavier. Never settle for what you think is your best. Sometimes we plateau because our body gets used to what we are doing. If we constantly push it, even just a little bit, we can achieve things we never thought we could!

Nutrisystem Success Story Michelle
Michelle wasn’t the only slim-down success in her family! Her husband also lost weight on Nutrisystem.*

6. Control what you can.
I try to remember that with all the chaos of this world, unfortunately there is not much we can control. The one thing we have complete control over though is what we decide to eat. And when I make healthier choices, my world seems to become a little less chaotic!

7. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
We are all our own biggest critics. If you have a bad day, that’s all it is, a day. Dust yourself off, forget about the bad day and start your new day fresh with your eye on your goal!

Every tenth of a pound lost, every extra step you take, every good food choice you make… all of those things, no matter how small you think they are, take you a little bit closer to your goal!

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*Real Success Story. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week on program.