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Nutrisystem® Success® is an easy-to-follow transition program designed to help you maintain your results.

“We learned great portion control from Nutrisystem, and now Success helps us continue that. The container system makes meal prep simple! Plus, we love the convenience of Nutrisystem® breakfasts and lunches.”

—Nicole & Jason, Real Customers

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With Nutrisystem® Success®, you’ll learn the healthy habits you need for life after Nutrisystem! Continue to enjoy only the Nutrisystem® entrees and snacks you want, with the convenience and ease you’ve come to count on. And for meals on your own, you’ll get our portion control container system to supplement the healthy foods of your choice.



What you get

You’ll get exactly what you need to make the transition back to eating on your own–with a little helping hand from the experts at Nutrisystem.®

  • Access to all your favorite Nutrisystem® meals and snacks

  • Customized meal plan to help you stay on track

  • 10 color-coded, pre-measured food containers

  • Start-up guide to help you fill your containers

Stay Fit, happy & healthy

with Nutrisystem® Success®!

How It Works

Keep up your weight loss success by eating the Nutrisystem® meals and snacks of your choice, plus perfectly portioned meals made on your own using with the power containers.

Select one of our easy-to-follow Nutrisystem plans

With a variety of plans to choose from, you’ll find the perfect option with only the Nutrisystem® meals and snacks you want.

Get your favorite Nutrisystem® foods delivered to your door.

Pick the Nutrisystem® menu items you love best—including convenient ready-to-go and delicious frozen selections. Your choice!

Follow your customizable meal plan

Enjoy your Nutrisystem foods whenever you want. Supplement with healthy foods you choose using your container set for guidance.

Stay fit, happy, and healthy!

Learn healthy habits you’ll need for life after Nutrisystem. Enjoy unlimited support from counselors, online tools and hundreds of recipe ideas.

Maintenance Made Easy

“The best part of Success is the success–it taught me how to shop smart, incorporate healthy foods and portion control on my own. Plus, I love the convenience of adding in Nutrisystem® bars and shakes to make tight times more manageable.”


Keep your

Weight loss success with

Nutrisystem® Success®!


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