Nutrisystem Snacks: What’s Your Flavor?

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The Top 10 Frozen Snacks From Nutrisystem

Here at Nutrisystem, we know that the best kind of diet is the one you’ll stick with. And because we realize that if you feel deprived or your diet feels too restrictive, the odds of you sticking with it are slim, we provide a weight loss program that doesn’t deny you of your favorite foods. We work hard to find ways to put healthier spins on all your meal-time must-haves. Pasta, pizza, ice cream… we’ve got it.

The other thing we pride ourselves on? The fact that, with more than 150 foods to choose from, we’ve got something for everyone. From pasta plates to beefy burgers, our meal menu is full of options. And let’s not forget about our snacks! Sweet-lovers, salty snackers… whatever your preference, we’ve got it.

Check out our fun infographic to determine which Nutrisystem snack fits you best, then be sure to check out our great article on the 20 Most Popular Nutrisystem Snacks & Sweets to get some insight into the items our customers cherish most.


Want to learn more about the snack that suits you best? We’ve got you covered below. Just click on the snack name to learn more or to purchase!

Cheese Puffs >

cheese puffs
Craving a little crunch? We’ve got you covered with these crispy, cheesy palate-pleasing puffs. And, at just 150 calories and a whopping eight grams of protein, this savory snack is every bit as guilt-free as it is flavor-filled!

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies >

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
This slimmed down take on a classic cookie still has all of the flavor of your favorite childhood milk-dunking snack! Since this sweet treat fits perfectly into your diet plan, the only question left is do you twist and lick, or crunch straight through?

Milk Chocolate Pretzels >

Chocolate Flavored Pretzels
Decadent chocolate encases crisp and crunchy pretzel in this snack-time staple that’s the perfect blend of sweet and salty. At just 130 calories, this is a dessert-loving dieter’s dream come true!

Coconut Almond Bar >

We probably shouldn’t say this, but we can’t help but play favorites with this ridiculously indulgent treat that tastes just like a delicious candy bar. Featuring the too-good-to-be-true combo of sweet coconut and rich, creamy chocolate, and clocking in at just 150 calories, this is one sweet treat you don’t have to regret!

Whole Grain Soft Pretzel >

Whole Grain Pretzel
There’s just something special about sinking your teeth into a delicious soft pretzel, baked to golden perfection. And, when that soft pretzel serves up a mere 120 calories and a whopping five grams of protein, the experience is even better. And while we may not all agree on the best condiment with which to top this soft snack, there’s no disputing that this whole grain nosh is a delicious way to spend your snack-time.

Double Chocolate Caramel Bar >

Chocolate caramel bar
Lunch gets a mouthwatering makeover with this mid-day meal bar featuring rich, chocolate crispies doused in sinfully sweet, gooey caramel then enveloped in semi-sweet chocolate. Containing 10 grams of protein, it’s the perfect on-the-go lunch for your busy days. Not on the run? Serve it with a salad for a well-rounded meal that’s got all your favorite flavors covered. Bye, bye brown-bag boredom!

Orange Cream Bar >

Orange Creme Bar
Want to feel like it’s summer all year-round? Than this sweet, frozen treat is for you! Creamy vanilla and orange ice creams are swirled together in this decadent dessert bar that’s like a good-for-you getaway for your taste buds. And, at just 90 calories a pop, this refreshing treat is as guilt-free as it is delicious.

Zesty Pizza Snack-A-Rounds >

Zesty Pizza Bites
Pizza at snack-time? Somebody, pinch us! Loaded with cheddar cheese filling and zesty pizza spices, these crispy, crunchy bites of awesomeness are every bit as delicious as everyone’s favorite cheat meal but without the excess calories and unhealthy fats.