How to Know if Your Weight Loss Plan is Working

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When you’re trying to lose weight, nothing can be more frustrating than stepping on the scale and not seeing that number change. Even worse? Seeing that number increase. But your weight can stay put or fluctuate for a lot of reasons: you could be consuming too much salt and retaining fluids, you could be putting on some healthy muscle if you’re exercising, or you could have hit a weight loss plateau and just need to mix up your routine a bit.

But just because the scale may temporarily be failing you, it doesn’t mean your efforts aren’t paying off. It’s important to pay attention to other signs that your weight loss plan is working, like these:

Your Clothes Are Feeling Looser
Sure, the needle on the scale might be a bit stubborn, but there’s no denying what it means to have to go down a belt loop or pant size. If your skinny jeans have become your comfy jeans or your tops are starting to feel more like tents, it’s pretty safe to say that your hard work is paying off.

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Loved Ones Notice
If friends, family members or coworkers are starting to comment on how trim and healthy you’re looking, you should probably start listening. While it may be hard for you to notice changes when looking in the mirror, it’s not so difficult for loved ones to spot them.

You’re Losing Inches
One of the things you should definitely do early on in your weight loss journey is to take some measurements—your waist, your hips, your upper thighs and arms. Because later, if you find yourself in a stand-off with the scale, seeing the inches shrink later on can be all the proof you need that you’re efforts are paying off.

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You’re Sleeping Better
Since carrying excess weight is often to blame for broken sleep, if you seem to be snoozing better, it could be a sign that your weight loss plan is working.

Your Health is on the Upswing
For folks with Type 2 diabetes, losing weight can lead to improvements in your Hemoglobin A1C (HBA1C) number, and may help you control your blood sugar better. For those with hypertension, weight loss can help nudge your numbers closer to normal. If a doctor’s visit confirms that your health is on the mend, it is likely a result of your diet and exercise efforts. For 10 other reasons weight loss can help your health, click here.