Nutrisystem Coaches Answer 10 of Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Meals and snacks from Nutrisystem are the stepping stones on the path to your weight loss goal, but we know you will have questions along the way. That’s why Nutrisystem provides you with helpful Weight Loss Coaches through many different channels.

Nutrisystem’s weight loss blog, The Leaf, is a great source of information. The site offers you valuable weight loss tips, hundreds of fresh recipes that fit with your weight loss plan, and inspiring diet success stories. Additionally, the free NuMi app makes it simple for you to keep track of your favorite foods, note your daily water intake and record your physical activities to help you lose weight.

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You also have access to a supportive Weight Loss Coaching team who want you to succeed. You can get personal advice, direction and encouragement from Nutrisystem’s dedicated, expert Weight Loss Coaches every day of the week. They’re available by phone, online chat and email. Click here to contact a Weight Loss Coach! >

Whether you’re just getting started or already making progress on your journey, you’re sure to find many of your answers on this list. “Nutrisystem customers ask similar questions,” says Paul McKeeman, head of Weight Loss Coaching.

Here are the 10 most frequently asked questions… and their answers from Nutrisystem’s head of Weight Loss Coaching:

Q: What do the Nutrisystem shakes count as on the weight loss program? When do I use them?

A: Consuming a Nutrisystem shake will give you one PowerFuel serving. If you are on the first week of the weight loss program, then you will have your Nutrisystem shake mid-morning and a Nutrisystem snack mid-afternoon, both as snacks. Once you are finished the first week, you can use the shakes to count towards your allotted PowerFuel servings. Your guide will tell you how many of each you are allowed each day. The NuMi app will also help you keep track.

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Q: Can I have a Nutrisystem Snack on the first week?

A: Yes, you will be enjoying a Nutrisystem snack each day on the first week. Your Nutrisystem shake will be used as your morning snack, and one of the delicious Nutrisystem snacks will be enjoyed as an afternoon snack.

Q: What are PowerFuels and SmartCarbs?

A: PowerFuels are lean proteins and healthy fats, such as nuts, eggs or yogurt, which you will add to your weight loss meal plan. Generally, anything that is 80 to 120 calories with at least five grams of protein OR at least eight grams of total fat (but no more than four grams of saturated fat) will be considered a PowerFuel. The more protein, the better!

SmartCarbs are healthy carbohydrate sources, such as fruits, starchy vegetables and whole grains, which you will also add to your diet meal plan. Generally anything that is 80 to 120 calories, with at least one gram of fiber, will be considered a SmartCarb. The more fiber, the better!

Grocery Add Ins: What are SmartCarbs and PowerFuels?

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Q: How much weight will I lose during the program?

A: Weight loss varies from person to person. The first week, people tend to lose a little more weight, due to the jumpstart week or starting a brand new weight loss program.* In a clinical study, subjects on the Nutrisystem weight loss program lost up to 18 pounds in their first two months.** After the first month, people can expect to lose about one to two pounds per week, which is the recommendation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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Q: Can I move entrees around in my day or do I have to eat everything in the order in which it is listed on the tracker?

A: You can move everything around in your day, as long as you are still eating something within one hour of waking up and every two to three hours after. This means if you prefer to have your dinner for lunch for a heavier meal at lunchtime, you can have your lunch for dinner, for a lighter meal at dinner time. You just want to make sure to have one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner and one snack per day, with your allotted PowerFuels and SmartCarbs.

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Q: Which vegetables can be added in and are they required?

A: Vegetables are required on the weight loss meal plan. We recommend a minimum of four servings of non-starchy vegetables per day and you can have as many as you want. Non-starchy vegetables include tomato, spinach, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, broccoli, asparagus and so much more! An extended grocery guide can be found right here and our Weight Loss Coaches are always more than happy to give examples or send the guide, as well!

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Q: What are Flex Meals?

A: Flex Meals are healthy meals you prepare at home or order when dining out, which consist of some combination of SmartCarbs, PowerFuels and Vegetables. The Nutrisystem weight loss diet program builds in two Flex breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks each week (starting after Week 1!). This means you will be enjoying your own weight loss meal at these times, rather than eating a Nutrisystem meal. This is to help prepare you to eat when you are finished with the program and also helps to build some flexibility into your weight loss plan, if you are feeling like eating something different or have an event. For best weight loss results, we recommend that you space your flex meals out through the week.

For specific instructions on how to build a Flex Meal, check out this helpful article, Flex Meals Explained >

You can conveniently find Flex Meal and snack recipes on The Leaf that are easy to make right at home. Click here to see! >

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Q: What should I have for a Flex Meal when I go out to eat?

A :If you haven’t already, you definitely should review the Nutrisystem Dining Out Guide before you head out. It’s packed with tips on what to eat and what not to eat when you’re out on the town.

And, using the guidelines included in this article, you’ll identify how many SmartCarbs and PowerFuels your weight loss meal should include. Then, you’ll order a meal that matches those criteria. Generally speaking, great choices include baked or grilled meat or fish and then either a very small baked potato, one cup of fruit or a small wheat roll or wheat pasta, with steamed veggies. Your Flex Meal could be stir-fry, salad or sushi, among many other options. Remember, it’s all about portions.

Tips for Eating Healthy When Dining Out

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Q: Can I have alcohol?

A: Alcohol can slow down weight loss due to the excess “empty” calories and cause you to feel hungry more often, which will lead to weight gain. It can also weaken your willpower to resist less healthy options. While one glass of wine or one light beer on occasion is allowed, we believe it’s best to avoid it. Instead, click on the link below to see one of many healthy, delicious non-alcoholic drink recipes on The Leaf!

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Q: How many snacks are we supposed to have a day?

A: Each day after week 1, you are given three snack times. The first two snack times (a.m. and p.m.) will focus on your grocery additions (coming from PowerFuels and SmartCarbs). For your third snack, you will enjoy one of our Nutrisystem Snacks. Men will enjoy one Nutrisystem snack in the morning and one after dinner. They will add their own snack between lunch and dinner.

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Here are a few other questions our Weight Loss Coaches get asked often:

Does Nutrisystem work?
It most certainly does! Just ask the millions of weight loss success stories out there who’ve lost weight and reclaimed their health with Nutrisystem!

How much is Nutrisystem?
We offer different diet plans for every taste and budget. Check out the breakdown here! >

Is Nutrisystem healthy?
With Nutrisystem, you’ll fuel your body with the right mix of nutrients to keep you satisfied. Plus, you’ll eat six meals a day to keep your body running and help fight off hunger while you slim down.

Click here for more Weight Loss Coaching from our experts >

*Results vary based on starting weight and program adherence.

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Continuing this meal plan for more than one week in any consecutive four-week period may lead to health complications and is not recommended. If you have diabetes, are under 18 years of age, are pregnant or a nursing mother, or are following a specialized diet for health issues, you may not use this meal plan. Please consult with your physician before beginning Your First Week on Nutrisystem or any other weight loss program. Please be sure to eat all of the food that’s recommended for this program. Failure to follow the program protocol and eat all recommended food may result in developing health complications.

**In a study on the standard plan, avg weight loss was 12.9  lbs. in first 2 months.