A Nutrisystem Thanksgiving: 6 Menu Items to Enjoy on Turkey Day

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roasted turkey medallions for thanksgiving day

Want to enjoy some of your Thanksgiving favorites without totally derailing your diet? A lot of people claim that holiday indulgences set them off track for the days ahead. However, you can easily stay on plan and enjoy a properly portioned dinner with the help of Nutrisystem meals. Even just starting your day off with a filling turkey-based breakfast or lunch can help prevent you from overeating when it’s time for that Turkey Day feast. All it takes is a little bit of forethought (and some help from us) to make smart choices and keep your diet on track.

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Here are six delicious Nutrisystem meals to enjoy on Turkey Day:

1. NEW! Cranberry And Brie Stuffed Turkey Breast >

Cranberry And Brie Stuffed Turkey Breast

Carve into the festive flavors of turkey and cranberries combined with creamy melted brie. Perfectly seasoned with a tasty blend of rosemary, sage and thyme, this delicious dinner tastes just like a Thanksgiving meal. In fact, it’s a dinner so special that we’re only offering it for a limited time: Get yours before it’s gobble, gobble, gone!

2. Roasted Turkey Medallions >

Roasted Turkey Medallions

Want to know exactly how much fat and calories you’re consuming with your turkey dinner? Feasting on Nutrisystem’s Roasted Turkey Medallions is a delicious, portion-controlled solution that will prevent you from over-indulging. These slow-roasted, tender turkey cuts are topped with savory gravy and paired with a side of creamy mashed potatoes. It’s a high protein, satisfying comfort meal that’s perfectly diet-friendly. You’ll know exactly what you’ve consumed—260 calories, seven grams of fat, plus a whopping 22 grams of protein!

3. Mac and Cheese with Turkey Sausage >

Mac and Cheese with Turkey Sausage

Instead of turkey, why not turkey sausage? In this yummy dish, tender pasta is mixed into a creamy cheddar cheese sauce and blended with savory turkey sausage for a winning combination. Many of those who have tried it (and reviewed it) say they can hardly believe it is diet-approved and only 240 calories. This easy meal also delivers 16 grams of protein, thanks to the hearty turkey sausage.

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4. Italian Sausage and Turkey Pepperoni Pizza >

Italian Sausage and Turkey Pepperoni Pizza

Who says your turkey needs to be served on a platter? If pizza is more your speed, then you’ll definitely want to add this Italian Sausage and Turkey Pepperoni Pizza to your next Nutrisystem order. It has the perfect combination of meat, cheese, zesty sauce and a thick, doughy crust. With only 260 calories, a turkey pizza on Turkey Day may be a new holiday tradition.

5. Turkey Sausage and Egg Muffin >

Turkey Sausage and Egg Muffin

Start your Turkey Day off on the right foot with a Nutrisystem breakfast that will leave you feeling like you’ve indulged. While the drive-through variety of this sandwich is packed with fat and calories, our turkey sausage version is a mere 210 calories. Start your day off with a nice boost of energy thanks to its 14 grams of protein. You’ll feel full and satisfied and won’t be tempted to overindulge come Thanksgiving dinner.

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6. Turkey Ham and Cheese Omelet >

Turkey Ham and Cheese Omelet

This final option is another great way to kick off your holiday with a filling and delicious breakfast. Lean, smoked turkey ham and a combination of Swiss and cheddar cheeses are folded into a fluffy egg white omelet for a meal that tastes too good to be true (considering it’s a mere 90 calories). There’s nothing better than starting your day off with a hearty egg and turkey breakfast.

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