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Congratulations on your commitment towards a healthier and happier lifestyle! Here at Nutrisystem, we’ve worked hard to take all the guesswork out of weight loss, so you can relax and enjoy your plan. Because we are dedicated to ensuring that you have all the tools needed for success, we’ve compiled answers to the questions most frequently asked about Nutrisystem.

Question 1: How much weight will I lose?

Weight loss will vary from person to person. Generally, you can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week while on the program. There is a good chance that you will lose more than that during your first week! In fact, in our research people lost an average of 5 pounds in the Fast 5 week.* It depends on your starting weight and how closely you follow the program.

Question 2: Can I have a Nutrisystem Snack during the Fast 5 week?

The Fast 5 week is included with select Nutrisystem plans, including Uniquely Yours Max+. With this special first week, you move right into the weight loss fast lane with seven full days of delicious Nutrisystem meals and protein shakes.

You get to eat a Nutrisystem snack every day during the Fast 5 week. Each day, you will be enjoying 1 Nutrisystem shake and 1 Nutrisystem snack in addition to your breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees.

Also, don’t forget to drink at least 64 ounces of water throughout each day, in addition to a minimum of 4 servings of non-starchy vegetables. Non-starchy veggies are unlimited on the program, so feel free to enjoy as many as you’d like all day long.

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Question 3: Can I move entrees around in my day?

Absolutely! If you feel like eating your dinner at breakfast, go for it! Just remember, if you eat a dinner entrée at breakfast time, you can’t choose another dinner option at dinner. You’ll have to choose from the remaining food options for that day.

If your plan includes Fast 5, make sure to have 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner, 1 shake and 1 snack per day during your first week. So, that means you will be eating 5 times each day in your first week: 3 meals and 2 snacks.

On the standard Nutrisystem plans (or week 2 and beyond if your plan includes Fast 5), you will get to eat 6 times each day: 3 meals and 3 snacks.

We recommend spreading out your meals and snacks evenly throughout the day. Aim to eat every 2 to 3 hours so you feel satisfied, not hungry.

Question 4: Which vegetables can be added and are they required?

Learning how to incorporate vegetables into your meals is an important and necessary part of the program. Vegetables provide your body with crucial vitamins and the fiber needed to stay healthy.

We recommend a minimum of 4 servings of non-starchy vegetables per day, and you can have as many as you want. Non-starchy vegetables include tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli and so much more!

Starchy vegetables, like potatoes, peas and corn, contain more carbohydrates and calories than non-starchy options. While they are nutritious, they are considered SmartCarbs and are limited based on the number of SmartCarbs in your meal plan. An extended Grocery Guide can be found here on The Leaf.

Grocery Add-Ins: What are Non-Starchy Vegetables?

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Question 5: What are PowerFuels and SmartCarbs?

PowerFuels and SmartCarbs are terms used to describe specific grocery add-ins that can be incorporated into your Nutrisystem plan.

PowerFuels are lean proteins and healthy fats, such as nuts, eggs or plain nonfat or low-fat yogurt. 1 PowerFuel is 80 to 120 calories with at least 5 grams of protein OR at least 8 grams of total fat (with no more than 4 grams of saturated fat).

SmartCarbs are healthy carbohydrate sources, such as fruits, starchy vegetables and whole grains. 1 SmartCarb is 80 to 120 calories with at least 1 gram of fiber. The more fiber, the better!

We recommend getting most of your PowerFuels and SmartCarbs from whole food choices, like nuts, fruits, low-fat dairy and whole grains.

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Question 6: What are Flex meals?

Flex meals are meals that you prepare at home or eat at a restaurant without using any food included in your Nutrisystem shipment. Following our guidelines, you will learn how to prepare meals to help you sustain your weight loss long after you’ve finished the program. These guidelines will also help you choose the right options when you are going out to eat.

Each Flex meal consists of a combination of SmartCarbs, PowerFuels and Vegetables. You can also add in Extras or Free Foods to liven up your menu. We have plenty of recipes and suggestions to get you going here on The Leaf.

Most Nutrisystem plans get to enjoy 2 Flex breakfasts, 2 Flex lunches, 2 Flex dinners and 2 Flex snacks each week (men prepare 4 Flex snacks). Please note that Flex meal guidelines will vary depending on your specific Nutrisystem program.

Does your plan include Fast5? You’ll start adding in Flex meals in week 2, unless you are on a 7-day plan. Flex meals are not required for Nutrisystem 7-Day plans with Every Day Covered or the Uniquely Yours Ultimate Diabetes Plan.

For the best weight loss results, we recommend that you spread your Flex meals throughout the week.

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Question 7: What should I have for a Flex meal when I go out to eat?

Using the guidelines found on The Leaf and in the NuMi app, you’ll identify how many SmartCarbs and PowerFuels each Flex meal should include. Generally speaking, great choices include a piece of grilled meat or fish with steamed veggies.

You can also choose between a small baked potato, a whole grain roll or whole wheat pasta. Your Flex meal could be stir-fry, salad or sushi, among many other options. Remember, it’s all about proper portion sizes and NOT about restricting yourself from your favorite meals.

The Nutrisystem Dining Out Guide

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Question 8: Can I have alcohol?

On Nutrisystem, you can enjoy up to 2 alcoholic drinks weekly. We recommend having them on different days of the week. However, we do NOT recommend alcohol during your first week on the program if your plan includes Fast 5. (Alcohol = empty calories!)

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Question 9: How many snacks are we supposed to have a day?

If your plan includes a Fast 5 week, you will get to enjoy 2 snacks each day during week 1: a Nutrisystem shake in the morning and a Nutrisystem snack in the afternoon.

On the standard Nutrisystem plans (or week 2 and beyond if your plan includes Fast 5), women and men both have 3 snacks during the day. Women will choose grocery items for their morning and afternoon snacks and have 1 Nutrisystem snack after dinner. Men get a Nutrisystem snack for their morning and evening snacks. Their afternoon snack will be one they make themselves with grocery items.

Question 10: What are Nutrisystem Hearty Inspirations Premium Meals?

Hearty Inspirations™ is our line of premium meals, featuring frozen microwave choices and skillet-ready dinners. These meals are bigger and more filling than our standard dinners, but remain perfectly portioned for weight loss. Everything is included, so there’s no need to add your own sides or veggies.

These all-in-one meals contain up to 30 grams of protein** and count as 1 Nutrisystem® Dinner, 1 PowerFuel and 1 Vegetable.

Question 11: How do I know which meal plan to follow?

Your meal plan guidelines will depend on the specific Nutrisystem program that you are on. You can download the NuMi app for the meal plan and Flex guidelines that you should be following.

We hope this information was helpful! For more tools and information about our meal plans, check out our website! For weight loss tips and recipes, explore our weight loss blog, The Leaf!

*Results vary based on starting weight and program adherence. Not all plans include Fast 5.

*It’s important to know that changing your diet or exercise or losing weight could affect some medical conditions and medications. Your doctor may need to adjust your medications due to changes in your diet, exercise, or weight while on Nutrisystem. Make sure to check with your doctor before beginning any weight loss program, including Nutrisystem. Please be sure to eat all of the food that is recommended on the Nutrisystem program. Failure to follow the program and eat all of the food recommended may increase the risk of developing serious health complications. At Nutrisystem, we care about you. That’s why we champion safe, effective weight loss—no fads, no gimmicks, just better health. 

**Hearty Inspirations™ dinners contain 20-32g protein vs. standard dinners at 8-22g protein.