13 Quick and Easy Summer Meals

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Grilled Chicken Sandwiches and Hamburgers with different toppings

Mealtime is more fun in summer, isn’t it? We naturally want to eat lighter and the food is bursting with fresh flavors. Eating summer meals outside in the fresh air and sunshine seems to make everything taste better.

With Nutrisystem, you don’t have to miss out on any of the pleasures of summer eating, because our menu is stocked with many choices that are just right for the season. Even better, Nutrisystem meals and snacks are simple to prepare so you don’t have to spend hours in a hot kitchen and you still get to enjoy warm, satisfying food on busy summer days. Here is a baker’s dozen of quick and easy summer meals for you to try.

1. Classic Hamburger >

Classic Hamburger

Burgers are summertime favorites and with this real beef patty, you don’t have to pass up on them when you’re losing weight. Our Classic Hamburger has that fresh-off-the-grill flavor and comes on a perfectly soft whole-wheat bun. Make it a “deluxe” with a topping of lettuce, tomato and onions, and you get 14 hearty grams of protein and a serving of non-starchy vegetables.

Classic Hamburger Nutrition Highlights:

240 Calories

8g Total Fat

5g Dietary Fiber

14g Protein (High Protein!)

2. Classic Tuna Salad >

Classic Tuna Salad

Tuna salad is a light but filling lunch that you can enjoy on a sandwich, on top of a garden salad, or just with a fork. We make this version like your favorite deli does, with chunks of light tuna blended with real mayonnaise, onions, pickles and spices, plus diced water chestnuts for extra crunch. Our Classic Tuna Salad comes ready-to-eat in a freshness pouch and there’s no refrigeration required, so it’s perfect to take with you to work or on a picnic lunch in the park.

Classic Tuna Salad Nutrition Highlights:

120 Calories

7g Total Fat

13g Protein (High Protein!)

3. BBQ Chicken Burrito >

BBQ Chicken Burrito

You get the best of BBQ and Tex-Mex in this plump BBQ Chicken Burrito. It’s stuffed with white meat chicken that’s slow-cooked in a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce. Plus, it comes with black beans, brown rice and mozzarella cheese. It’s all wrapped up in a whole-wheat tortilla that lets you get a taste of all the ingredients in each bite. “This burrito is very tasty and filling,” says Gina, a Nutrisystem customer. “I use a teaspoon or two of low-cal salsa on top of it.”

BBQ Chicken Burrito Nutrition Highlights:

220 Calories

6g Total Fat

2g Dietary Fiber

10g Protein (Good Source of Protein!)

4. Grilled Chicken Sandwich >

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Chicken sandwiches are all the rage at fast food restaurants these days. You can enjoy all of the goodness and none of the guilt with this Grilled Chicken Sandwich. It features a thick slice of chicken breast meat that looks and tastes like it just came off the grill and it comes with a hearty, whole-grain bun. This chicken sandwich is ready in minutes so it’s not only delicious, but faster than the drive-thru, too.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich Nutrition Highlights:

210 Calories

5g Total Fat

3g Dietary Fiber

13g Protein (High Protein!)

5. Café-Style Creamy Tomato Soup >

Café-Style Creamy Tomato Soup

Tomatoes hit their peak in summer. This tasty soup is a simple and satisfying way to savor their flavor. One of our Restaurant Faves, it’s prepared café style with slow-cooked tomatoes, chicken broth, real cream and parmesan cheese. You can pair our Café-Style Creamy Tomato Soup with whole-grain crackers to make a filling lunch that will keep you going all afternoon.

Café-Style Creamy Tomato Soup Nutrition Highlights:

150 Calories

7g Total Fat

2g Dietary Fiber

8g Protein (Good Source of Protein!)

6. Chewy Trail Mix Bar >

Chewy Trail Mix Bar

Whether you’re hitting the trail for a summertime hike or just need a quick lunch on a busy day at work, the Chewy Trail Mix Bar is a fun and delicious way to fuel up. You get lightly salted cashews, almonds and peanuts, plus chewy raisins and crispies for extra crunch. The creamy milk chocolate base layer makes a sweet contrast to the nuts. Unlike standard granola bars, this version will keep you on the path to weight loss success.

Chewy Trail Mix Bar Nutrition Highlights:

200 Calories

8g Total Fat

6g Dietary Fiber (High Fiber!)

12g Protein (High Protein!)

7. Grain-Crusted Pollock With Vegetables >

Grain-Crusted Pollock With Vegetables

If you’re hungry for a taste of the beach life, make yourself this hearty dinner no matter where you are. The Grain-Crusted Pollock With Vegetables starts with Alaskan pollock, a white, flaky fish with a mild flavor that’s high in protein. We bread it with 10 different grains that form a crispy coating around the tender fish. The meal comes complete with carrot coins and broccoli florets for a serving of non-starchy vegetables, plus roasted, red, skin-on potatoes, so all the sides are included.

Grain-Crusted Pollock With Vegetables Nutrition Highlights:

400 Calories

16g Total Fat

7g Dietary Fiber (High Fiber!)

22g Protein

8. Lemon Caper Chicken >

Lemon Caper Chicken

Pasta can be the heart of an easy summer meal, like this Lemon Caper Chicken dinner. The strips of char-grilled chicken breast and a serving of linguine fill you up without weighing you down. Mushrooms and peas add taste and texture, and a sunny lemon caper sauce bathes it all in rich flavor. The 32 grams of hearty protein will leave you feeling satisfied and energized.

Lemon Caper Chicken Nutrition Highlights:

 420 Calories

11g Total Fat

6g Dietary Fiber

32g Protein (High Protein!)

9. BBQ Chicken Mac & Cheese >

BBQ Chicken Mac & Cheese

Two summertime favorites come together in this one tasty meal. The foundation of our BBQ Chicken Mac & Cheese is creamy macaroni pasta that’s made with real cheddar and parmesan. On top are chunks of white meat chicken flame-grilled and coated with sweet and tangy barbecue sauce. The “BBQ sauce is tangy and has a nice kick but is not overpowering,” says Lauren, a Nutrisystem customer.

BBQ Chicken Mac & Cheese Nutrition Highlights:

250 Calories

4.5g Total Fat

2g Dietary Fiber

20g Protein

10. Mediterranean Flatbread >

Mediterranean Flatbread

You don’t have to travel anywhere to enjoy the kind of flavorful meal you’d get at a beachside café along the Mediterranean. Just make yourself this Mediterranean Flatbread, which is kind of like a pizza with different toppings. It starts with a crunchy, chewy crust made from quinoa, the super-nutritious grain. We pile it up with feta cheese, black olives and tangy tomatoes so that every bite is a trip to your happy place.

Mediterranean Flatbread Nutrition Highlights:

220 Calories

7g Total Fat

3g Dietary Fiber

10g Protein

11. Cajun-Style Chicken And Shrimp Sauté >

Cajun-Style Chicken And Shrimp Sauté

This all-in-one dinner is sure to satisfy a craving for the flavors of New Orleans. Cajun-Style Chicken And Shrimp Sauté features tender chunks of chicken and plump shrimp, plus long-grain rice and roasted red and green peppers. It’s all tossed in a creamy and zingy Cajun-inspired sauce. It takes minutes to cook in a skillet and comes out sizzling good.

Cajun-Style Chicken And Shrimp Sauté Nutrition Highlights:

350 Calories

7g Total Fat

5g Dietary Fiber

24g Protein

12. Margherita Pizza >

Margherita Pizza

Pizza becomes a star of summer when it’s made with the seasonal flavors of fire-roasted tomatoes, fresh basil and real mozzarella cheese. The base of our Margherita Pizza is a whole-grain crust that’s chewy and crunchy. Best of all, this is a personal pie so you can eat the whole thing and stay on track to your weight loss goal.

Margherita Pizza Nutrition Highlights:

250 Calories

6g Total Fat

4g Dietary Fiber

15g Protein

13. BBQ Seasoned Chicken >

BBQ Seasoned Chicken

Real barbecue treats your taste buds to so many flavors, from sweet and tangy to smoky and zesty. We make this authentic BBQ Seasoned Chicken with shredded white meat chicken that’s moist and tender after slow cooking in a rich and tasty sauce. You can enjoy it on a whole wheat wrap or roll, just like at your favorite BBQ joint. But you don’t have to wait to go eat there because this dish is ready in minutes anytime you have a craving.

BBQ Seasoned Chicken Nutrition Highlights:

140 Calories

5g Total Fat

2g Dietary Fiber

15g Protein (High Protein!)

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